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Our Curriculum : Early Years

At East Hunsbury Primary School, we want our children to be lifelong learners who are enthusiastic, curious and creative. We want them to be well rounded, confident citizens of the world who can play and explore, create and think critically, be resilient and to learn. Our curriculum is ambitious and tailored to suit the needs and next steps of all learners. The knowledge our children gain from our enriching and challenging curriculum gives them the start they need to succeed in life, preparing them for future schooling.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is the period of education from birth to 5 years. In our Foundation Stage we have two reception classes. We work closely with the feeder nurseries and pre-schools and the families of our pupils.  

Our curriculum is not only underpinned by the Characteristics of Effective Learning but also our values and drivers which are unique to our school and setting. Our values and drivers have been carefully chosen to ensure that the curriculum is taught in a way that meets our children’s learning and SEMH needs (Social, Emotional, Mental Health) and prepares them well for the next phase of their education and lives.


It is our intention that the Early Years at East Hunsbury Primary School will provide a robust and solid foundation on which children will grow, learn and develop into lifelong learners. This developed through our Curriculum Drivers and Values that underpin all of our teaching and learning. 

Our Early Years Values are:




These values have been carefully chosen for our EYFS because they allow children to develop positive learning behaviours and to become good citizens. Children who are kind can empathise, share and consider the feelings of others as well as themselves. Children who can persevere can keep trying even when things get difficult, they can take a step back and consider different ways of approaching a problem.  Children who show gratitude are open to learning experiences and help and can offer help to others. These values are evident throughout our provision and opportunities to develop them are carefully planned within our curriculum. With these values in place our children will learn and grow, developing a lifelong love of learning.

Our Curriculum Drivers are:



learning Everywhere

A curriculum driver is a thread or ‘vehicle’ that runs through our teaching and learning, it drives our provocations and stimuli and underpins our exploration of the interests of our children. It is our intention that these drivers are evident throughout our EYFS curriculum and influence all of the teaching that happens at East Hunsbury Primary School


Rationale: As lifelong learners, we want our children to be:

  1. responsible learners who take ownership of their learning,
  2. resourceful learners who seek solutions for themselves.

Aim: We aim for our children to be:

  1. Independent learners
  2. Independent thinkers
  3. Creative thinkers


Rationale: As lifelong learners, we want our children to be confident speakers and attentive listeners in order to express themselves and understand others.

Aim: We aim for our children to be:

  1. Effective speakers
  2. Attentive listeners
  3. Confident communicators

Learning Everywhere

Rationale: As lifelong learners we want our children to be curious, to love learning and to see opportunities for learning in their world.

Aim: we aim for our children to embrace learning through:

  1. Opportunities in the classroom
  2. Opportunities beyond the classroom
  3. Opportunities in their home life.

As previously mentioned, the Characteristics of Effective Learning also support, and are integral to, our curriculum.