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Our Curriculum : Design and Technology


It is our intention that Design and Technology at EHPS is aspirational, enabling and inclusive, as well as:

  • Ambitious
  • Innovative
  • Inspiring,
  • Rigorous and
  • Practical 

just as The National Curriculum for Design and Technology also intends. 

At EHPS, we intend for our Design and Technology curriculum to allow children to use their imagination and creativity to design, make and evaluate a range of products with different purposes within a variety of contexts.

Through diagonal links to other areas of the curriculum, we intend for our Design and Technology curriculum to be relevant, purposeful and for children to understand how the skills and knowledge that they learn can be transferred to their everyday lives.

Through our curriculum we intend for our children to:

  • Develop their imagination, critical thinking and their understanding of the world around them through an appreciation of Design and Technology.
  • Develop the technical knowledge and vocabulary in relation to structural design, mechanical and electrical systems, textiles, food production and nutrition.
  • Question and think innovatively about the world around them in order to design and develop their own products with a purpose in mind.
  • Apply their knowledge and skills to plan, make, test and evaluate prototypes and design products to meet a purpose for something or someone.
  • Learn how to design and follow their own recipes, learn how to cook, whilst applying the principles of good nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Think critically in order to evaluate their past prototypes and when testing their current designs.

By the end of Key Stage 2, we intend for our children to show a coherent knowledge, range of DT skills and talk about their work using relevant technical language. We also intend for them to have the capabilities to design, make and test their own ideas and designs, whilst considering whether their product is fit for purpose.