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What is Rainbow Room and what do we do?

Rainbow Room is an inclusive, early intervention setting aiming to ensure a positive school experience for all.  We provide security and stability within a small group setting.  We aim to develop positive relationships with adults and children, with a particular focus on communication.  We aim to increase a sense of worth and higher self-esteem.

Our Ethos: Children learn best when they are happy and confident.

Through observations and assessment we can identify how each child learns best.  We can then plan activities to meet and progress the child’s learning in a manner appropriate to them.

Self-Esteem and Confidence Building

A safe environment with accessible, constant and familiar resources, give the children the tools they need to build their own intelligence.  Within this environment, they are encouraged to become independent investigators and discoverers.  The skills they have learnt within Rainbow Room can then be taken into their daily school life.

Managing Feelings

By providing opportunities to work through emotions, support can then be given to help find alternative ways of dealing with situations the child may find difficult.  Children communicate in many different ways; by providing a calm, stimulating environment with clear behavioural expectations, we aim to develop confident and happy communicators!

Making Good Choices

Through planned and well-resourced activities, children can progress their thinking and understanding by problem solving, asking for help and working as a team. 

Reflecting on the Session and Planning for the Future

Through the use of symbols and the ‘blob’ tree, we can reflect on our sessions.  We identify areas for development and recognise our achievements.  By sharing our success with others, we can learn to be proud of ourselves.

To Achieve Success We Need To:

  • Respect ourselves and others
  • Listen to others
  • Keep calm
  • Treat our environment with respect
  • Know the boundaries
  • Keep ourselves and others safe
  • Know our targets and work towards them
  • Question and challenge our investigations
  • Follow the Golden Rules