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Our Curriculum : Writing

English at EHPS is aspirational, enriching, inclusive, enjoyable and enables children to express themselves.

Writing : February 2022


At East Hunsbury Primary School, we intend for our children to leave Year 6 as confident, capable, independent writers who not only understand the purpose and importance of writing within wider society but they also positively engage in the process. We intend them to leave our school with all of the writerly skills necessary to thrive within Key Stage 3 and beyond. We intend for our children to be able to communicate and express themselves effectively through the written word across both fiction and non-fiction; including being able to write for a range of purposes and audiences. We intend for our curriculum to cultivate an enhanced sense of autonomy and authorship in the young whilst being inclusive and enriching.

We intend for our children to take risks when writing; seeking to be original and creative as well as critical and reflective. We want our children to draw upon a rich exposure to quality literature so that throughout the writing process they can write as a reader and read as a writer, thus acquiring more ideas to manipulate and apply.

Throughout their time at East Hunsbury Primary School, we intend our children to be exposed to an ambitious and enjoyable curriculum which covers a range of: plot patterns, text types, composition foci and genres for them to not only grow as writers but also develop culturally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.