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Our Curriculum : Science



Our science curriculum is aspirational, enabling and inclusive. It is knowledge-rich and inspires pupils to develop a fascination for, and a deep understanding of, the world around them.

It is our intention that through our science curriculum children will:

  • Learn how science affects their everyday lives and develop a sense of responsibility for the world.
  • Learn a wide body of scientific knowledge which fosters curiosity and is developed and consolidated through practical scientific enquiry and enrichment opportunities.
  • Make confident, meaningful links between their learning, the wider curriculum and the real world.
  • See themselves as scientists and understand the role of a scientist in our society.
  • Understand what it means study science in its broadest terms and how science can influence our thoughts and actions, now and in the future
  • Use the scientific knowledge that they acquire (both substantive and disciplinary) during their primary phase to influence and guide their choices in the future.
  • Have the necessary knowledge and skill-set to be secondary ready.

For more information, please refer to the NPAT Science Narrative.