Hmmm… That’s an interesting question…

Would you rather be rich or happy? Why? (And no, you can’t choose both!)

6 thoughts on “Hmmm… That’s an interesting question…

  1. Defiantly happy because if I were rich I might have everything I want apart from friendship! If I were happy (which I defiantly am!) I wouldn’t have everything I want, but I would have friends to help me through life! Friends are much better than money! Their like gold!

  2. I would rather be happy because it’s not all about money. If you were rich then you wouldn’t be able to buy friends. You could be rich but really unhappy because it might make you really selfish. At least if you are happy then you are able to enjoy life and have family and friends around you that love you , if you are rich that is not guaranteed.

  3. I would be rich because then i could buy whatever i wanted and then even maybe buy friends on a website ! ( if i don’t have friends already.) If you were happy but not rich you could be homeless and dying of a disease but still happy and because your not rich but homeless you could not buy a cure and then you would die. ( sorry if that was too dark .)

  4. I’d definitely rather be happy because if I was rich I’d have every single object that I could ever imagine. I wouldn’t have true friends, they’d just be people that follow me and hang around with me that I call friends. I would only feel a couple of emotions, I would feel unhappy, proud of all my money and I would feel lonely constantly! Friends are worth more than happiness, they’re like diamonds. If you are happy you can live life properly and enjoy it, when you’re happy you have friends, a kind heart and compliments. If you are rich you have money, a broken heart and loneliness. The thing that’s most important in life is a friend!

  5. I would rather be happy than rich because if I was rich nobody would want to know me because I would have so much money . Happiness has no cost and you don’t need money for it.People that love and care about u and make sure they put a smile on your face are the best type of people and you do not have to pay for them.

  6. I would rather be happy ,because theres an old expression that sais “you cant buy happiness!”
    and without happiness you wont have friends and without friends im nothing.

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