6 thoughts on “Growth Mind-set

  1. Having a growth mind-set means you never give up, always think of another way round your problem and believes in themselves!!! People in the Paralympics would never give up, always find new tactics for their sport and obviously believes in themselves!

  2. I think it’s helped the GB team in the Paralympics because they might have thought that they couldn’t do it because they’re disabled. This might have made them work even harder to prove they can do it even if they are disabled! They have worked really hard to earn the right to represent their country in the Paralympics and I think they should feel really proud!

  3. I think that having a growth mindset helped the paraGBs believe they can do it , and never giving up they don’t think there different just because they they don’t look like anyone else. They keep on going and believe they CAN DO IT!!!

  4. It has helped them because they believe in themselves and won’t give up.If you believe in yourself you will succeed and if you don’t keep on trying.They probably have their ups and downs but because they have growth mind-sets they don’t give up.Having a growth mind-set is important not just to them to everyone because if they had fixed mind-sets they would just give up and wouldn’t succeed.

  5. They need to have a growth mind-set or when the time comes they will think negative things like
    “I can’t do it” “I have no chance, all I do is fail”. If they have a growth mind-set they can do the impossible, as long as they believe in themselves, they will have the attitude that anybody can do anything they set their mind to.

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