8 thoughts on “Describe this setting…….

  1. If I was in this room I would be so confused because of all the buttons, switchs, levers, dials and displays.It would also make me think the war controls and aroud the time when the 2nd world war was going on.

  2. If i was in this room i would be confused because of all of the buttons, levers, controls and dials. It makes me think of the tardis from doctor who.

  3. This room is a bit confusing because of the displays and buttons but I also think it would be exiting and fun.

  4. I think it looks like a hideout of some sort because there are buttons and leavers to press that might be like a trap for anyone who sneaks into the den! Or a world war 1 and 2 code museum on how they broke the German code like Bletchley Park. Or a German messaging hideout to send their battle plans or when their going to attack to their mates or fellow battle team!

  5. Whilst, walking through a strange room I heard buzzing and beeping of different buttons being pressed , poked and prodded I started to wonder around thinking where am I and how did I get here.

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