Musical Intruments – An evaluation of sound

The children of year 4 were asked to design and make their own instrument.

The criteria was that they had to be aesthetically pleasing, make a sound and be fit for purpose.

The children went to an amazing effort and created some fantastic instruments that worked!

img_2608 img_2610 img_2609 img_2605 img_2606 img_2607 img_2604 img_2603  img_2598 img_2599 img_2600 img_2597  img_2595 img_2592  img_2594  img_2589    img_2587 img_2584  img_2581 img_2578 img_2579   img_2573  img_2602 img_2600  img_2596 img_2597   img_2594   img_2591

8 thoughts on “Musical Intruments – An evaluation of sound

  1. All of the musical instruments shown on the blog were amazing and interesting! 🙂 It is good to see what we can make out of recycling material. 🙂

  2. I realy like your instrument logen its realy good and intresting i also like the ones that people took there time n there very astecticle pleasing

  3. Logan painted his guitar really well and so did Carys standing up thing I cant remeber what it is called and Unity with her guitar.

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