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  1. Empathy means putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

    Friendship means that you have a friend that you play with.
    Friendship will never die.
    Friendship is more valuable than gold.

  2. Empathy means understanding how others are feeling and understanding how we would feel if we were put in the same situation. Also, trying to see how others are feeling by looking at their facial expressions.

    To me friendship means having a friend to call your own, and it means someone who you can tell your worries to, also them telling you their worries as well. Someone who you play with at playtime and sit next to at lunch.

  3. Empathy means understanding someone’s emotion just like putting your self in to somebody else’s body.

    Friendship is very valuable!
    Understanding your friends is very important.

  4. Empathy means putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.
    What friendship means to me-always having a friend to count on whenever you need them.

  5. Empathy means the feelings of other people.

    Friendship means to me that I have nice people to play with and work with, and if they are feeling sad then I can cheer them up .

  6. Empathy means that you understand others feelings.

    Friendship means to me that you have lots of friends to play with and having lots of fun.

  7. 1. Empathy is understanding someone’s feelings to help you to know how to behave around them.

    2. To me friendship is basically not hurting people and having fun with them.

  8. Empathy means putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes and also it means understanding what other people feel like so it helps you understand how to behave around certain people.

  9. “Empathy means putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.”
    “Friendship means playing,Having Conversations and I think Friendship is good for your mental health!!!!!!”

    YAY πŸ˜€

  10. Friendship also means a couple of people always sticks together e.g Say Theo,Jake,Matthew W,Oscar,Nicky,Danny & Harvey there Friendship will never DIE!!! πŸ˜€

  11. Empathy means how to understand how you other people’s feelings and stepping into each other’s shoes.
    Friendship if somebody is at the friendship stop go and ask them if there want to play.

  12. Empathy is where you try to feel what someone else is feeling.

    Friendship means you have great friends like Eva and they always make you smile and laugh!!!

  13. Empathy means putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes.

    Empathy means understanding what other people feel like so that you can make a decision on how you behave around certain people.

  14. 1.Empathy is putting your self in some one else’s shoes and under standing some one else feelings.

    2.Friend ship means to me No matter what happens you will all ways be there for them,you will all ways trust them,you laugh a lot not all the time but most of the time.

  15. Empathy means when you understand other peoples feelings

    frienship means to me that you will always have a friend that you can rely on and will always be yours

  16. Empathy means understanding how other people are feeling.

    Friendship is hanging out with friends and having fun, telling jokes and playing games.

  17. Empathy means when you understand how other people feel

    Friendship is when your friends for ever

    This is an empathy rhyme

    Empathy empathy put your self inside of me

  18. 1.Empathy

    Empathy means putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes!!!
    Also Empathy means understanding what somebody else feels about you’re
    behaviour so that you can decide how you react around certain people.!

    2. Friendship

    Friendship is when you have really strong feelings for someone and you just really can’t ever stop thinking about them .!

  19. Empathy means –
    Going into someone else’s body and seeing how they feel

    Friendship means –
    you help a friend
    you play with a friend
    you sit with a friend
    you try to make a friend HAPPY

  20. Empathy means understanding other peoples feelings and how they react to something we may say or do, and to consider how I may feel if it was being said or done to me.
    Friendship is when people like each other alot and like to spend time enjoying each others company. A friend is also someone who is always there for you when times are good or not so good. They are also reliable no matter what. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  21. Empathy is not just about how everyone is feeling by the face.
    It is about putting your feet in someone else’s shoes to see what is going on.

  22. What does empathy mean? It means putting yourself in someone elses shoes.

    What does friendship mean to you? Friendship is love for friends.

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