Outdoor Learning Day …

Here in Year 3 we are used to taking our learning outside, we joined in with ‘Outdoor Learning Day’ with two outdoors science lessons focusing on shadows. We even took our reading outside! Year 3, what did you learn?




10 thoughts on “Outdoor Learning Day …

  1. Outdoor Learning Day…

    I loved working outside with Anya. It was really fun and I enjoyed drawing Anya’s shadow.
    And I also love working outside with all of my friends.

  2. I learned that the earth moves and spins. I likes working outside with Archie it was fun in the sun.

  3. If you draw your shadow and check it in the afternoon will have moved round because the earth moves round so the sun shines on a different area!

  4. I Liked Doing This Because………….. Orren Was Doing Some Funny Poses! 😀 And We Didnt Do That Bad It HElps My Learning Because Its Even Helping To Do This But Nobody Doing The poses!

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