24 thoughts on “Fossil Man Visit

  1. Hi Mrs Roberts I really liked when Jules came and i have fun looking at the fossils and defently the fossil poo! 😉

  2. The fossil man was GREAT he helped me learn about fossils and I’m sure he helped others! My favourite table was the poo table and my favourite fossil was the squids bottom fossil!😄😀

  3. Hi Gabs and Evie your both right Jules was awesome Jules was so funny when he was pretending to be a caveman and did the stickstone thing.😏😋😏😏😏😏😝😝😝😹😹😹😹👏👏

  4. on the day when fossil man visited I had lots of fun looking at rocks, crystals, bones and skeletons and listening to different facts from around the world !

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