Our Learning …

Writing. Using facts and information gathered from reading to write an information report about a famous athlete.
Reading non-fiction texts, recognising features such as headings, subheadings, photographs, captions and bullet points and using such texts to research and retrieve information.
Spelling. Grouped spelling focusing on Year 2 and 3 Common Exception Words.
Addition and Subtraction. Using the column method of addition with increasing confidence to add 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers. Working with calculations that ‘bridge 10’ using carrying.
Reasoning and Problem Solving. Presenting answers in a variety of different forms. Providing reasons and explanations for answers and thinking.
Self-Esteem. Understanding what the term ‘Self-Esteem’ means. Recognising signs of both high and low self-esteem and learning skills and techniques to build self-esteem in both themselves and others.
‘How Do Athletes Move so Quickly?’ Explaining the benefits of a nutritionally balanced diet. Describing how nutrients, water and oxygen are transported in animals and humans. Explaining how the muscular and skeletal systems work together to create movement.
‘How Do Athletes Move so Quickly?’ Using different grades of pencil- shade to show tone and texture. Making note of techniques used by famous artists such as David Hockney. Suggesting and making improvements to their own work. Sketching bodies and faces using accurate proportion.
‘How Do Athletes Move so Quickly? Using the internet safely to research a famous athlete. Beginning to use programmes such as PowerPoint and Sway to create presentations. Contributing to the Year 3 blog in a thoughtful and E-Safe manner.

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    • I am pleased to hear that you are enjoying your learning Lyra. Are you using Mathletics? Mrs Landeman updates it often.

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