Healthy Diets

Today in science Year 3 began to learn about healthy eating and how it helps athletes to move quickly. We made food pyramids and looked closely at food packaging.

The children were so interested in the topic that we have set a short homework task of completing a food diary over the weekend. This is due in next Thursday…


13 thoughts on “Healthy Diets

  1. I’m practicing my times tables that I got wrong. And I learnt about unhealthy and healthy food and drinks. Now I’m doing the food dairy . LOADS OF STUFF TO DO TODAY !!!!!!! I’M TOO TIRED!!!!

  2. I like how athletes move. I like the food pyriamids and the fats and dairy and carbohydrates. We have been learning about
    Usain Bolt today and I found it really really fun.
    Really fun 😀

  3. I like how athletes move . I also like the food pryimads and the fats , dairy , carbohydrates, protein,.
    We have been learning about usain bolt and it was really fun.


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