What have we been doing this week?

 In Literacy this week we have been…….

  • Writing

Learning a Non-Chronological Report about England.

Looking at the features of a Non-Chronological Report (Title, Opening Statement, Sub-headings and Closing Statement)

Learning about Paragraphs, when they are used and how they help to make an effective writer.        

    • ReadingUsing non-fiction books to find information about Africa.
  • Spellings Spelling the Year 2 Common Exception words correctly in everyday writing. 
  • At home you could..
    • Continue to explore SPAG



In Maths this week we have been…….

  • Identifying the operation for division and understanding what division means.
  • Using number lines to solve division problems.
  • Identifying important information within a division problem in order to help solve the problem.
  • Using objects to share equally into groups and recording findings pictorially with the correct sum sentences.
  • Using Numicon to introduce ‘remainders’ (How many are left?)



At home you could……

  • Continue to use TT Rockstars and Mathletics.                            
  • Share objects equally into groups and record findings using correct operations.



Learning Challenge

This week we have been:

  • Using resources (globes, maps, books, Google, atlases) to find out information about Africa.
  • Working with a partner to record information gathered and to then present findings to the rest of the class.
  • Locating and mapping the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the World.
  • Remember to send in the homework!!!

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