What have we been doing this week?

In Maths this week we have been…….

  • Naming and identifying 2d and 3d shapes and their properties.


    • (sides, corners, edges, vertices, faces)
  • Finding right-angles
  • Building 3d models and naming the flat shapes that make the faces.
  • Looking at lines of symmetry within shapes and patterns


At home you could……

  • Find 2d and 3d shapes at home (discuss the properties).
  • Mathletics



In Literacy this week we have been…….

  • HOT task of a descriptive narrative using all our knowledge from the last 3 weeks.
  • Looking at and learning a rhyming poem (looking at the main features eg language used, rhyming patterns, rhythm etc   .
  • Apostrophes for possession


At home you could……

  • Learn spellings.
  • Continue to read to an adult as often as possible.
  • SPAG – remember to log in and have a go. Password and details are in reading log books.

NEEDED!!!!   Boxes, kitchen roll tubes, plastic bottle tops etc for Junk Modelling.

Please send in early next week. Thank you

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