What have we been doing this week?

In Maths this week we have been…….

  • Using the language greater than/less than/equals to understand the difference in tens and ones. (< > =)
  • Learning what estimation means and using it to support calculations.
  • Learning to double numbers and using our doubles to help us estimate the addition of two 2 digit numbers.


At home you could……

  • Continue to explore mathletics
  • Double numbers and find the answer



In Literacy this week we have been…….

  • Continuing to identify the main features of Descriptive Writing (Narrative Text).
  • Adjectives (describing words), Nouns (person, place or thing), Similes (comparing eg: as fast as a cheetah, quiet like a mouse) and Prepositions (on, under, below, in the centre, above etc)
  • Extending sentences using adjectives, prepositions, similes and adverbs.
  • Handwriting – setting out our work neat and clearly.

At home you could……

  • Learn spellings.
  • Continue to read to an adult as often as possible.

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