What have we been doing?

In Maths this week we have been…….

  • Using the Bar Method to find the missing numbers


22                            ?


What is the missing number?     22 add ? equals 30

The children were encouraged to explain their method e.g. “I started at 22 and counted onto 30.”

  • Using a 100 square to solve addition problems. E.g. 32 and 26.
  • Start at a 32 and count on 2 tens and then on 6 units.
  • Number formation

At home you could……


  • Print off a 100 square or play Number Splat (Google) and ask your child to show you how to add 2 numbers together.
  • Practise the Bar Method.


In Literacy this week we have been…….

    • Continuing to develop the features of Instructional Writing including Temporal Conjunctions (First, Next, Then, After, Finally etc.)
    • Imperative Verbs also known as Bossy Verbs. (put, add, dig, fill, mix etc.)
    • Making Tool Boxes for Instructions. (What do instructions need?) Title, Warnings, Method, Introduction etc.
    • Writing a set of instructions using Temporal Conjunctions and Bossy Verbs.
    • Sequencing the story The Dragon Machine using Temporal Conjunctions
  • Spellings – Year 2 Common Exception Words and Key Words.
  • Reading – Year 2 Common Exception Words and Key Words.


  • Looking at images from The Dragon Machine and thinking about personal preferences and forwarding opinions.

At home you could……

  • Continue to practise weekly spellings sent home. (look, cover, write, check)
  • Encourage opinions and preferences when looking at pictures from Reading Books.

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