w/B 19.2.18

In Literacy this week we have been……

  • Writing our own wishing story based on the book A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson
  • Learning the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker
  • through drama. We have used the conventions of Role on the Wall to explore his thoughts and feelings and Role Play to act out dialogue between the character of the shoemaker and his wife.
  • Practising sections of the text map in groups.
  • Our phonic sound was ie.

At home you could……

  • Look for and practise next week’s letter sound ar. You could make a list to bring in and share with the other children.
  • Find your own version of the Elves and the Shoemaker and discuss how it is similar or different to the one we are learning in school.

In Maths this week we have been……    

  • Comparing and ordering objects using the comparative language shorter than and longer than.
  • Practising measuring with rulers. We have been introduced to the language ‘centimetre’ and ‘metre’ and how to write it when we measure. We know how to line up the 0 at end of the ruler with the edge of the object and read the last number to find out how long it is. Lots of use were starting at the wrong end or putting the ruler in the middle!
  • Practising counting forwards and backwards in 2s,10s and 5s.

At home you could……

  • Measure using a tape measure or ruler. Do they both measure an object the same number of centimetres.
  • Find out other ways to measure eg. When you go in the car; when you cook; when you tell the time.

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