W/B 8.1.18

In Literacy this week we have been……

    • Learning the story of Dick Whittington
    • through drama. We have used the conventions of Communal Voice to discuss his hopes, dreams and fears; Role on the Wall to explore his thoughts and feelings and Role Play to act out dialogue between the character of Dick Whittington and the Merchant.
  • Looking at a picture of Old London paved with gold and writing poetic phrases about what we could see. Then listening to a sound clip of a market and writing about what we could hear.


At home you could……

  • Look at different settings in picture books and talk about what you can see and what you imagine you might hear. Try to extend your child’s language by asking them to use noun phrases
  • Eg. Flags fluttering, cars rushing, people chatting.


In Maths this week we have been……    

  • Reading and making o’clock and half past on analogue clocks.
  • Learning to draw the long hand and short hand on a clock face to show o’clock and half past.
  • Ordering events of a typical school day and matching the appropriate times.
  • Practising counting forwards and backwards and learning to write two digit numbers.
  • Learning the teen numbers in our number system as ten, ten one, ten two, ten three etc and that we call these numbers eleven twelve, thirteen. The rest of our number system follows a logical pattern. The teen numbers can often be the most difficult to recognise and name.

At home you could……

  • Find numbers in the environment to read, particularly the teens, so that you child’s recognition is
  • automatic and fluent.

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