In Literacy this week we have been……

  • Changing the words and rhymes of the familiar Nursery Rhyme ‘Row, row ,row your boat’ eg drive your car; float your ship. Children, can you remember any to share at home?


  • Learning a new Text Map to persuade people to come to the Community Café.
  • Looking at the features of persuasive leaflets- exciting pictures, positive language, maps and important information.
  • Learning the different sounds that the letters oo make ie book; moon.
  • At home you could……
  • Revise all the spellings we have done this term. We will be having a test on all next week.

In Maths this week we have been…

  • Using the + and = symbols to write calculations.
  • Introducing the – symbol and looking at the four facts and the patterns we notice.



At home you could……

1 9 2 8
6 7 8 2
3 4 3 5
1 6 5 7

Look at the grid and take turns to draw a loop around numbers at are next to each other and make 10. Who can make the most loops?


  1. The numbers can be across, down or diagonal.
  2. A number can be used more than once.
  3. Sometimes there might be more than two numbers.

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