W/B 13.11.17

In Maths this week we have been

  • Using pictures to find the different ways to make two parts
  • Investigating the two parts of a whole number using counters
          0 5     1  4     2  3       3  2       4   1     0   5


  •        At home you could……
  • Find out the pairs of numbers for other amounts.
  • Do all numbers have doubles in their pairs?   Do all the pairs have an opposite?


In Literacy this week we have been……


  • Beginning to write the different parts for our Magical Disaster stories.
  • changing parts of the story to innovate our own stories.
  • Finding nouns and noun phrases eg. Girl is the noun; Little girl is the noun phrase.
  • What else could it be? big girl; funny girl; fast girl etc
  • Making up our own real and nonsense words using the igh sound eg flight; snight.
  • Learning the different ways to make igh ( ie, y, i-e)and looking for words with that spelling pattern.
  • At home you could……
  • find any noun phrases in your reading books.

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