W/B 9.10.17


In Literacy this week we have been…….

    • Writing captions and labels to accompany photos we have taken of our models.
    • Recording stories we have been learning from the Bible.
    • We have learned the Creation Story, The Good Samaritan and David and Goliath.
    • Learning about capital letters- looking at the shapes; straight lines, curved lines and both and matching lower case to upper case letters.
  • At home you could……


  • Look for Capital Letters in texts. When are they used? ie at the beginning of a sentence or for the name of a person or place.


In Maths this week we have been

  • Ordering and comparing numbers and amounts.Which is less/fewer/smaller?
  • Which is greater/more/bigger?
  • Learning what the signs < and > stand for and using them to make a sentence true.     Can you work out what this sentence could be?       7> ? < ? :     ?< 4 > ?
  • Is 3 more or less than 7?   So which sign should we use? 3 < 7   If we change the numbers around what sign do we need now?

At home you could……

  • Make your own Algebraic sentences.       x is more than y but less than z What could x/y/z be?

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