W/B 2.10.17 Our Learning this week


In Literacy this week we have been…….

  • Short Burst’ writing the different parts of the story for the Three Little


    • Pigs in preparation for our ‘Hot Task’ – writing the whole story in one go!
    • Being Key Word detectives and looking for words in the books we were reading.
  • Orally adding ing to the end of verbs and finding out how they changed a sentence. 


    • Eg. I skip / I am skipping : we run/ we are running : she laughs/ she is laughing
  • At home you could……


  • Practise writing this week’s spellings in sentences. We all need to practise our capital letters and full stops!
  • Play Key Word Detectives- can you find your spellings in a text?


In Numeracy this week we have been…….

  • Practising our number formation


    • Pushing numbers   2   3     5   7     :   Pulling numbers   0   1     4   6   8   9
  • Finding out how to always know 1 more or 1 less than any number.

ie. 1 more will always be the next number or the number after on a number track:

1 less will always be the number before on a number track.

Is this rule the same for all numbers? We challenged the children to prove to us if this was true or false.

What did we find out?

  • At home you could……


  • Look at sets of objects and discuss which have more and which have less.                                               You could make an Autumn collection to investigate!

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