W/B 25.9.17

In Literacy this week we have been…….

  • Learning the different parts to a Defeating the Monster StoryThe Build Up Introduces the baddie!The Resolution The problem gets solved and the monster is defeated.
  • The Ending Everyone is happy once again.
  • The Problem Gets worse and worse. Everyone is unhappy or frightened or worried.
  • The Opening Introduces the good characters and everyone is happy.
  • Looking at characterisation. What words does the writer use when describing the actions, sounds or appearance of a character? How do these words help us decide if the character is a ‘goodie’ or ‘baddie’ and how they are feeling?
  • growls, roars, snarls, creeps, sneaks/ whispers, shivers, squeaks

At home you could……

  • Look for characterisation in stories and books you read together. Are there any words you particularly like? Bring your words into school for our word collection.


In Maths this week we have been

  • Counting forwards and backwards and recording forwards and backwards number tracks from our own chosen numbers. We used words, numerals and Numicon plates.
  • Finding one more than a given number and using this to solve worded problems.
  • We investigated the boxes we brought in to find the common properties of a cuboid and wrote a set of rules that would always work so we could identify if a shape is a cuboid.

At home you could…… 

  • Practise the concept of one more being the next number on when you count.What is 7/10/33 etc one more than?      Dan is one year older than his sister. His sister is one year older than his brother. His brother is 8. How old is Dan? (The answer is 10!)
  • This can be done at different levels  eg What is one more than 4/6/18/56 etc?

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