W/B 5.6.17

In Literacy this week we have been……

  • Telling each other our holiday news thinking about the rules of listening.
  • Reading “The Snail and the Whale” by Julia Donaldson.
  • Writing noun phrases to stick onto pictures from the story.
  • e.g golden sand, dark blue sea, hot volcano
  • Adding verbs to our noun phrases.
  • e.g enormous, blue whale SPLASHING

At home you could……

  • Read other stories by Julia Donaldson
  • What do you like? What is similar/different about each?
  • Talk about nouns, adjectives and verbs and point them out in books


 In Maths this week we have been……

  • Using 0 – 9 cards to make 2 and 3 digit numbers and compare them .
  • e.g What is the smallest/largest number you can make? How do you know?
  • Using 3 related numbers to make 4 different calculations
  • e.g 7+3=10, 3+7=10, 10-7=3, 10-3=7
  • Learning about place value (Hundreds, Tens and Ones) by using arrow cards to make numbers over 100

At home you could……..

  • Talk about numbers you see out and about and ask “What is that number made up of?” or “What does the 2 mean in 25?” etc
  • Play number board games or card games and talk about the place value in the numbers

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