W/B 6.3.17

w/b 6.3.17

In Literacy this week we have been……

    • Learning a new Text Map based on Meerkat Mail by EmilyGravett
    • Collecting interesting vocabulary to use instead of went in our Text Map.
    • The children thought of lots! –galloped, slithered, swung, cartwheeled, sneaked, tip toed and others.
  • Learning new Geographic vocabularyequator, hemisphere, Arctic, Antartica, globe, countries, continents, cities, capital cities, oceans.


  • At home you could 


  • Look at maps or globes. Can you find the Indian Ocean? The continent of Africa? The capital city of North America? The North Pole?
  • Go on Google Earth to find places you have visited. What happens when you drop the yellow figure onto the map?



  In Maths this week we have been……   

  • Working out the inverse for calculations involving two digit numbers.
  • Ie. If I know 20+6 is 26 I also know that 26-6 =20 and 26-20=6
  • Working out quick ways of counting large amounts by grouping them into 10s first then counting in 10s and adding any units.

At home you could……..


  • Explain what you have found out.
  • Ie.- when the tens are taken away it leaves the units : when the units are taken away it leaves the tens.
  • Post some calculations on the blog showing what you have learned about 10s and Us.
  • Practise counting objects by grouping them into 10s.

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