Emotional Autumn days!

Tuesday 4th October

A busy start to our SMILE week. We have been thinking about emotions and getting ready for our international visitors. We thought about how we feel and practiced making facial expressions – and out of playdough too! Can you guess what they are?

img_9477 img_9498 img_9501










We also had a lovely morning in Abington park – collecting lots of conkers to play with. We wrote some great poems when we got back to class using all our senses. We felt happy and relaxed being in the park in the sunshine – and very excited when we found conkers! Have a go at writing another poem at home and bring it to class to share.

img_9506 img_9511

We found Rapunzel

We found Rapunzel

















Helping our friends

We love our Year 3 friends coming to share books with us.

We are happy when our Year 3 friends come to share books with us.

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