W/B 5/9/16

Welcome to the start of a new year.

This week has been all about getting to know our new friends, getting used to being back at school and beginning to get back into our routine.

We have 2 new members of the class who are settling in very well. This week we have started to learn the story of the “3 little pigs”. We have painted some masks which we will be able to use in role play.

Every morning we do our sensory circuits – this is a mixture of songs, games and activities which are all about having fun as we learn. We had an S.U. assembly where we said hello to all the new people in the SU, talked about the school rules and said a big well done to everyone for being so amazing this week. img_2465 img_2466 img_2475 img_2484img_2508 img_2510 img_2516 img_2518 img_2520 img_2525img_2559 img_2526 img_2541 img_2542 img_2543 img_2544 img_2546 img_2548

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