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  1. Hi,

    Year 3 would like to ask you some questions about Croatia.

    Is the school the first place you went to in Croatia?
    Where do you sleep?
    Did you meet any of the children there and have they spoken to you?
    What is the name of the school?
    Is Croatia the best place you have been to?
    Are you having lots of fun?
    Do you feel ok?
    How many teachers are there in the school?
    What is the weather like? We have had lots of wind and rain!
    Can some of the children speak English?
    Have you made any friends?
    How long did it take you to get there?
    How many children are there in the school?
    Are the children good at listening?
    Do the children learn and play?
    How many languages can the children speak?
    How naughty are the naughty children?

    Year 3 have lots more questions they would like to ask and are looking forward to you all coming home and telling us about your visit.

    Mrs Heavens would like to know the name of the school so we can try and find it on the map and have a look!!

    We look forward to hearing form you,


    • Thank you to my wonderful class (and Mrs H!!) for all of the interesting questions! I will try to answer them but the wifi connection is not very good! 😂

    • 1. The first place we went to was the Petar Pan Kindergarten for meetings
      2. We are sleeping at a hotel in Zagreb
      3. We have met lots of children and many of them speak very good English, they learn it from 2 years old!
      4. The school was Zagreb school 3 but it is Petar Pan nursery that is our partner, you can find out more at: http://crosmileproject.weebly.com
      5. I have loved every place that I have visited but they are all different
      6. We are working hard but it is enjoyable work, we get to explore in the evenings
      7. I feel tired but happy, thanks for asking!
      8.There are 60 teachers but the kindergarten is split over 6 buildings
      9. The weather has been mixed, some sun but cloud and rain too
      10. We have made lots of friends. All of the coordinators and lots of children and teachers
      11. It was only a short flight, 2hrs
      12. There are about 400 children at the kindergarten and 720 in the school
      13.The children were very good at listening and stood up when teachers entered the room
      14. In the kindergarten they have lots of time to play but it is all work in the school
      15. They all learn English and some learn Spanish too
      16. Some children do make the wrong choices but they were all very well behaved when we visited

      Thank you for you questions, please post more!

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