Understanding Anger

This half term we will be exploring the emotion of anger. How does it make us feel? How does this look on the outside? What triggers our anger? What makes other people angry? Think about these things at home and talk to a family member about strategies for overcoming anger. Post any useful ideas below …

53 thoughts on “Understanding Anger

  1. When I’m angry one of the causes tends to be my brother annoying me or looking forward to something and then my mum saying do your homework or another job first and some strategies that help me out are punching a pillow as that way you let out your feelings and It calms me down.I spoke to my mum and she said that when me and Jamie don’t listen to her then she gets angry and it causes a stream of bad moods throughout the house!

    • A great answer Carys… it sounds like you have thought carefully about this. I think punching a pillow sounds like a good outlet for your frustration. I hope that you will learn some more helpful strategies in your upcoming SMILE sessions!

    • Fantastic comment, we like your idea of using a pillow to help yourself calm down. Next time you feel cross why not try squeezing a stress ball.

    • Great work Carys! Why don’t you try talking to your brother and explaining how he makes you feel or try sitting in your room or a quiet place and relaxing.

  2. So usually it is either both my sisters or my brother which annoys me so some strategies to calm me down is to get away from them and go watch a movie or go on my phone. What I also sometimes do is take my anger out on my massive teddy bear that I have and throw that a wall or something and pretend it is the person which is annoying me. Sometimes if I’m at school i tell one of my best friends that i trusted they can just talk to me about it. This also links back to sadness because I can get angry if someone upsets me. I also spoke to my sister and she said that she would either play a punching game or a darts game on her phone or go for a walk. My brother said that he would go for a drive or go to the cinema with his friends. My other sister said that she just ignores people and goes to her room.When my mum is angry she stays quiet and just goes online shopping. My dad just shouts to him self and makes his face his face scrunched up. I hope this gave some people some stratagies for what to do when your angry.

    • Fantastic explanation, this is very helpful! Try cuddling the teddy bear and see if this helps you to calm down, you could also try talking to your teddy bear if there is no one else around to listen.

  3. Anger makes me feel sad and cross. It also makes me feel lonely and my muscles go tense.My voice goes high pitched and shouts.😡

    Why does my voice go high pitched when I am angry?

    My mum says when we get angry we should spend some time on our own to calm down so we don’t do anything we regret.

  4. what makes me angry is when my sister is annoying me ,my friends won’t listen to me or if I can’t do my work. I sort this out by having time out being alone or if I’m at home I will tell my parents and they will help me sort it

  5. A bit like Carys’ ,the main thing that causes anger tends to be my brother. Sometimes all siblings can be annoying.
    The strategy I use most of the is to listen to music and be alone in my room to calm down, but when I’m at school I ask my teacher if I could just be alone for a couple of minutes.

  6. Anger is caused by many things, such as stress and tiredness. A good way resolve anger is to count to ten and take deep breaths.

  7. I can get angry when people don’t listen to me. My sister moaning at me is very annoying. We shout at each other sometimes, and the best thing to do is keep away from each other and stay in my room. I have a Peace Pebble which is smooth and colourful and it relaxes me.

  8. The Peace Pebble is a really wonderful idea, I think some of us might try this! You could also try listening to calm music to help you.

  9. I get angry . It is usually my sister that makes me angry so then I make a clam corner in my bed room and go and chill out on my iPad but when my sister make me angry I get mad at her say sorry.

    • I love your I dear Stephanie maybe next time you mite want to have a little lie down instead.

      I specially love your idea of going somewhere to calm down.

  10. I get angry when my little brother bugs me when I’m doing something important. I never get angry back at him because that would be a bad thing to do. He is only little. I walk away and do some colouring which calms me down. Sometimes he joins me colouring in.

  11. When I get angry it`s because people ignore me and my sister tell`s me off for no reason.

    My voice start to shout and I get really frustrated

    I you`s a soft cuddly teddy bear and it say`s my name on it!

  12. I get angry when people are annoying me. But to calm it down I go upstairs in my room and I squeeze and fiddle with my fidget toy and his name is Lofty he is yellow and soft and lights up but I also go on my I pad but not too much I play with Lofty often or my toy cars.

    • I love your idea Gur-Aman about having Lofty and I love the fact of you going on your I pad and your toy cars are a good idea. Maybe next time you could try to have a little nap.

  13. I get angry when my three older brothers don’t listen to me and spend their time on their phone.I normally walk away from them so I don’t argue with them.It’s annoying having three older brothers.To calm me down, I watch YouTube videos like Haschak sisters and cuddle up with my comfortable teddy.

    • I love your idea about watching YouTube videos and cuddling a soft teddy. Maybe next time you mite want to have a little lie down.

      • I am so pleased to see you commenting on your friends posts Lewis. I hope you all remember to use YouTube safely with adult supervision!

  14. I get angry when my brother annoys me and bosses me about ,but I can always go to my room and turn on my radio because music calms me down, I can also go on my tablet or even just talk to my self ,i also talk to my brother and give him some stuff he might like.

  15. I feel angry when my brother Zac annoys me or fights with me, so I go tell my parents.Then I go up to my room and I either play a game on my iPad, watch a movie, hold my stress ball, listen to music, read a book, lie on the bed or cuddle my teddy or my parents.The reason why I do this is because it keeps me calm. Afterwards I take a deep breath, go say sorry to him and I talk to him. Hopefully the world will be all cupcakes and rainbows again until we have another argument. I sometimes get stressed because my parents tell me to do my times tables. I always say can I do my spellings, because I prefer spellings more then times tables.

    • I love your idea about watching a movie and using your stress ball. Maybe next time you mite want to have a little sleep on your bed.

  16. Fantastic comments from you all! I am very pleased to see you all commenting on the SMILE Blog. It is fantastic that you are suggesting ideas for your friends to try. I hope that this blog is a useful resource to you all.

  17. What makes me angry is when my brother is annoying me and when I can’t do something.
    To stop being angry I go to my bedroom and calm myself down or fiddle with something or read a book.😡

    • A great comment Evie! Going to your room to calm down is a great idea. Remember, if you find something tricky, keep trying and you will be able to do it eventually!

    • I love your idea Marci about going up into your bedroom until you have calmed down! Maybe next time you mite want to have a little nap on the sopher.

  18. I can get angry when people don’t listen to me. My brother moaning at me is very annoying.We shout at each other a
    lot mostly every day and the best is to go to my room and listen to music or cuddle a teddy.

    • I love your idea Sophie about going into your room listen to calm music or cuddling a teddy! Maybe next time you mite want to try Volcano breathing.

  19. I am so pleased to see you all commenting and supporting each other’s ideas! I hope these suggestions are useful. Has anyone tried ‘Volcano breathing’ to help them calm down?

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