Step into spring.

Hello, another term has raced by but the sun is shining and spring is well and truly here 💐💐.

We are very pleased to welcome Ruth Barford to our team in Rainbow Room. Ruth has worked previously at East Hunsbury Primary and has lots of experience in early years. Ruth has settled in very quickly and has already built up a rapport with the children.

Speaking of spring, the changing seasons are a continuing theme in Rainbow room. To reflect this, we ended the term by creating a spring garden and, garden centre, where the children were able to “buy” mother’s  day presents or create them using ribbons, beads and coloured rice, (well, anything they could get their hands on!). 








In keeping with the SMILE international friendship theme we took a trip to Africa in March where we discovered what type of animals we would find on ‘safari ‘ and compared the climate to ours. Africa was also a year 2 topic so the children shared  what they learned in class with us.

In addition, the children invented their own friendship recipes to celebrate pancake day, then set up a stall to share them with their friends. The recipes included love, laughter and kindness.

As if that wasn’t enough, we managed to squeeze in World Book Day – as you can see from the photos, we were visited by many exciting characters and Olaf even popped in to say hello.                                                

Mike Wazowski had a mixed reception!

February was a very colourful month with Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. 

We even had our own Chinese dragon!








The work the children have done during the SMILE project on empathy, sadness, love etc has clearly resonated with them as, throughout the different topics/themes, their kindness, understanding and friendship has shone through. 

We would like to wish you all a happy and peaceful Easter.

Ruth and Esther.

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