2016 – The start of the rainbow.

Hello and welcome to our first ever Rainbow Room blog! We hope you enjoy it!


imageIn Rainbow Room, we aim to provide an opportunity for all our students to demonstrate their sense of self by making individual choices and creating their own games and stories, particularly through role play. To provide inspiration, there are various areas of the room to be investigated; the home corner/kitchen, workshop, sand/water trays and exploration space.




In addition, as the children experience a variety of seasonal festivals and celebrations throughout the year, they are able to take part in activities that reflect these events. For example, the Autumn term gave us Halloween, Diwali, Hannukah and Christmas resulting in themed dressing up, conker rolling, light boxes and the “ice cave”.





During the term, we were excited to welcome some new faces to Rainbow Room who have all settled in quickly, thoroughly exploring their environment and making new friends.


We wish you a very happy 2016 and hope you continue to follow us throughout the year.


Anita and Esther.

11 thoughts on “2016 – The start of the rainbow.

  1. I ? RAINBOW ROOM!!!!! Especially because of esther and thank-you esther for doing the rainbow room all because of you Esther school\rainbow room are the best things ever I love you esther

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