Digital leaders are aiming to be the best!

Hi we are Evie and Jack. Having attended Digital Leaders at lunch time we, by Mrs Robinson, have been set a task where we can technically win prizes. If we complete 4 of the achievements we get a tabbard, for 8 blocks we earn a t-shirt that we can wear during Digital Leader time and 12 blocks equals a certificate! A couple of the tasks are: designing a competition for the children around the school, attend one note training, communicate with another school that has Digital Leaders and write some instructions/ review on an app. We hope this has filled you with a lot more information.


5 thoughts on “Digital leaders are aiming to be the best!

  1. I love digital leaders it’s epic! Thanks Miss Robinson for making this awesome thing for us. I’m so glad I signed up in the first place.

    Georgina XOXO 🙂 love

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