We are looking for new Digital Leaders from Year 4 and 5

Are you interested in becoming a digital leader?

What will the role of a digital leader involve?

Exploration: Finding and testing out new technologies that we can use in school.
Training: Help to train children and adults in school to use new technologies
Technical Support: Helping children and adults in school if they have an ICT issue.
Journalists: Create and maintain a DL blog about the work you do and the technology used in school. Review any new technologies that you encounter. Set up projects for other pupils.

Becoming a DL leader will require you to give up some of your own time, some lunchtimes, assemblies and on occasion after school.

The deadline for completing the form is Monday 19th September

Good Luck!
Mrs Robinson.


Thank you for completing the form. If you are successful you will be invited to interview where you will be asked to produce something creative using technology to explain why you would be a good digital leader. (It can be on PowerPoint, IMovie, Prezi, Poplet…what ever you fancy!)

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